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Staffing Services in Bangladesh are changing the way companies hire in a big way. This disruptive hiring phenomenon has benefitted the country of Bangladesh like no other. But why is Bangladesh the preferred local for virtual staffing services? What makes virtual staffing services in Bangladesh so compelling? Why aren’t these services moving to a country closer to home – such as Mexico? Nowhere else in the world has a larger, more affordable English-speaking workforce. This makes Bangladesh the ideal choice for CEOs to find virtual staffing services.


Web Design & Development

We Provide Responsive Web Design & Development, E-Commerce shop/store, WordPress, Shopify, Admin Dashboard, Website Builder, E-mail Template, HTML Email Signature, Business Landing Page etc.

Graphics Design

Any types of Graphics Design  you will get here. Such as: Logo, Business Card & Stationery, Flyer, Brochure, Poster, Invitation, Catalog, Roll Up Banner, Book Cover Deisng, T-shirt Design,  Image Editing etc.

Content Writing

We Provide content creation in various ways: Article & Blog Posts, website content, product Description, creative content, Technical Writing, Book, ebook Writing, Research & Summaries, Cover Letter etc

Back Office Support

To Run your Business smoothly You need : Data Entry Specialist, Product Listing for Amazon, Ebay, Customer Support for any type business, Lead Generation specialist, Bookkeeper, marketing etc.

Digital Marketing

We provide Search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media marketing(SMM), Email marketing, Content Marketing and others way to support your business.

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Services Person - Virtual IT Staffs

Some Benefits of Outsourcing work to

Virtual IT Staffs

You can work with us in both fixed and hourly rate. You need to discuss with us about rate before starting work because each category has different work hour rate.

Yes! you can work with us weekly or monthly basis but you have to discuss with us before starting work. You can work with us Weekly or monthly but we raise invoice for payment per week.

Although an outsourced virtual employee works directly for you; legally the outsourced virtual employee is employed by Virtual IT Staffs. Thus you have no obligations with respect to tax, insurance, employee benefits or employment law.

When outsourcing with Virtual IT Staffs you pay nothing until you decide to actually go ahead and hire an outsourced virtual employee. Virtual IT Staffs doesn’t charge you any start up fee; you incur no costs when we recruit virtual employees. You only pay the outsourced virtual employees monthly salary.

We ensure your virtual team is available to work during your business hours. If you are in UK, your outsourced team will work 9 am-5 pm GMT time. If you are in USA, your outsourced team will work 9 am-5 pm EST time. We can adjust your outsourced team’s working hours based on your needs.

You can request your outsourced virtual employee to work any shift, whether it be during normal office hours in your country or normal office hours in India.

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We  firmly confident that we can give you best services. However, if for any reason, we are unable to satisfy you by our services just let us know within 7 days. We will try again to serve you best or will get FULL REFUND from our end.